MY BROTHER’S KEEPER: A call to action to expand opportunities for boys and young men of color. As simple as that may seem, it is a tall task! In order for Columbus to truly embrace this initiative and create opportunities we have to unite our efforts.  The MBK Village will do exactly that.  It truly takes a village to raise a child and we will come together to create the new village that will raise all of our young boys and men of color to succeed.

The energy in the city of Columbus will be synergized under one roof as we unite to ensure we meet and exceed every milestone laid out by President Obama and the MBK challenge.  The MBK Village will be the hub of all MBK work throughout the City of Columbus and Central Ohio.  As we know, the work with our boys and young men have been taking place in our communities for a long time.  Now is the time we bring all of our efforts together!

The MBK Village website will be utilized to streamline the work and efforts of the MBK partners and supporters.  A few of the highlights of the website will be up-to-date statistics for our communities, opportunity to coordinate with other MBK partners, access to mentor/volunteer portal, community events calendar, and opportunity to become a neighborhood ambassador.
Working as one within the MBK Village, we will RISE TOGETHER!